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Welcome to Vizwal

A marketplace for digital creators

Vizwal (pronounced Visual /ˈvɪʒ(j)ʊəl,ˈvɪzjʊəl/) is a freelance marketplace for smart remote hiring and trading of creative digital services. On this platform, businesses can conveniently outsource services which are not core to their day-to-day operations such as graphic design, website development, digital marketing and writing. All these can be acquired within the client's own budget and expected time of delivery. The key is to find the right artist that matches the job request based on portfolios, listed skills and ratings.

Vizwal is purposefully designed for all users to freely communicate and collaborate for various projects. Our preposition is to offer a social friendly and safe space for artists and clients to work together.

About Opticverb

The Team Behind Vizwal

Opticverb is a creative studio located in Tema, Ghana (West Africa). Established in 2019, the studio offers brand marketing and digital creative solutions for big and small brands.

The team's motivation for Vizwal was to create an online hub that offers opportunity for local talents to render remote services to a global community; while providing a cost efficient means for clients to hire and purchase services.

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