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Personally, I am an emotionally appealing person who always looks for the interest of others before mine. I have been able to alter myself to suit whatever it takes to meet the goal. I am open-minded and always listen to both or if there are more, all sides before drawing a conclusion.

About work, making observations and assessing the function and mobility of an individual is what I do. So I can treat, manage, improve or optimise what function or mobility remains. Integration into society, and being as functional as possible is the end goal. As a tech-savvy, I like to incorporate and use modern technology in work, which makes work easier and faster.

Towards work, I am a team player who always asks for everyone else’s input, even those below me in rank. Always believing everyone has a role to play and is of value in the workspace. As a must, the goal must always be met and improved after it’s finished. Improvement must continue until perfection has been attained, where no one can improve upon my work.


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BSc. Physiotherapy

  •  University Of Ghana
  •  Sep 2017 - Oct 2021

Pure Science

  •  Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School
  •  Dec 2014 - Jun 2017