Vizwal: Still Branding With Humans

For most start-ups, finding that unique brand identity to sell your company’s vision can be a nerve-wracking experience. The process of settling on the right concepts for logos, colors, style and language often becomes a lingering challenge for young businesses.

Today, business owners with big dreams and shallow pockets create their branding on a tight budget with the aid of AI tools. The outcome is usually the dreadful cliché of designs and messages that drown in the noise of competition.

Despite the advent of AI and smart DIY tools, there are still some rebels that prefer the good ole human touch to creating unique design concepts. Such was the case of George Blankson, the founder of a booming fast-food joint in the city of Accra called hand2moff.

George, like most owners, was overwhelmed by the process of finding a distinct identity that conveyed the vision of a tasty and exciting food service, like McDonald’s. His resolution, nevertheless, came sooner than expected during his first week as a registered client on Vizwal.

“Awesome results beyond my imagination!” was the feedback that summed up his mood when he received the final creative works by Kwaku-T, a five-star freelance designer on Vizwal.

Hunting for Talent on Vizwal

Vizwal ( is a fast-growing job marketplace that remotely connects clients with digital creators to provide specific micro services. More so, it sets your business on the fast, convenient and less expensive path of finding a creator that can essentially steer the flow of your brand marketing design.

For a first timer, sifting through many profiles to find an ideal candidate can be overwhelming. But, Vizwal is designed to help you narrow down your list to enable you pick out the winner.

With your planned budget and project timelines, you can easily receive multiple bid offers from creators through a simple job request form. You have the option to review each candidate’s profile, portfolio, ratings and comments on previous projects. Once you are satisfied with the selection, you may proceed to hire your preferred candidate.

Another option available for hiring the right talent is to conduct a search through a list of displayed services offered by creators on the platform. On the Find Services page, you can simply filter and populate specific services that falls within your required skills, cost and time delivery.  This option also provides the means to instantly acquire already made assets like stock images, video clips, audio and graphic templates.

Why kick-start with Vizwal

Ideally, Vizwal serves as a smart solution for a quick and affordable means to outsource creative works. But Vizwal offers more than just a hub to find the right plug for your projects. Unlike most remote hiring platforms, Vizwal breaks the norms of burdening its users with subscription fees, special packages and restricted access to some basic functions. Here are some reasons why we trust it to be an excellent choice to kick-start your brand marketing.

1. Great deals for creative services

In today’s business world, the word “cheap” can often be confused with low quality instead of cost-saving. We rather prefer the term “Great deals”, because that is exactly what you get with Vizwal . We offer a wide range of highly skilled talents at competitive rates. With a transparent display of services, fees, ratings and reviews, you can easily make an informed decision on the best choice of value for money.

2. User-friendly interface

Vizwal has a simple interface that gives users the convenience to search and connect with creators without a hassle. Navigation is pretty straight-forward with the use of simple language to guide your necessary steps. We cherish a user experience that meets our client’s expectations when conducting their business.

3. Open communication for effective teamwork

At Vizwal, we believe in creating an environment that encourages members to openly share ideas and engage each other for the purpose of teamwork. The site has a free messaging platform for subscribers to chat directly to individuals or special groups. Whereas some competitor platforms place cost on communication between users, Vizwal offers a convenient access for both private and open forums at no cost. A client can remotely set up a team of creators with different skills to deliver various tasks in an organized and collaborative manner.

4. Hassle-free resolution for claims and conflict

Outsourcing gigs can sometimes end in disagreements between employers and service providers. Vizwal is dedicated to protecting the interest of all parties through a fair conflict resolution process.

At the initial stage of payment, Vizwal holds your funds until the project is completed. Payment is only released to the creator once you have confirmed receipt of the work and are satisfied with the output.

You may however decide to file a claim for a refund for unsatisfactory work. In order to ensure a fair process for honoring such claims, Vizwal‘s resolution team reviews and recommends the appropriate conditions for your refund as well as compensation for the creator’s time and effort.

Make Vizwal your next move

In the fast-paced world of brand marketing, businesses are often on edge to catch-up with the latest trends of digital advertising. Therefore, businesses need to adopt smart systems of locating talent that can deliver fresh ideas for their brand. This is where Vizwal plays a pivotal role in strengthening your marketing team. The important aspect of creating a pool of talent has already been covered; all you need to do is to make a smart move.

Sign on to Vizwal today and get creative results!

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